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About the Barista

  • Age: 23
  • Birthday: Jan. 26 (♒)
  • Gender: Female (she/her)
  • Nationality: American

Hello! Thank you for coming to my about page. You can call me Gatari! I'm a bit bad at describing myself but I will do my best.

Lessee here...I'm a young woman in the US trying to achieve my dream of becoming a showrunner someday (for a cartoon!). But in the meantime I busy myself with little trivialities like playing video games, drawing characters and coding this website. Like I said on the front page, social media is kinda overbearing these days with the increasing user unfriendliness, runaway corporatism/crypto and AI nonsense and everyone getting into fights over who knows what, so when I heard that you could just make your own little site to just post whatever on, I was like "woah!! I should try this!! >:O"

The downside about that is that I'm a not that great at coding. But heck it we ball, am I right?

What else...umm...I'm an illustrator who likes to draw wacky cartoons about a variety of odd things (a bookish teenager who ends up living with a family of vampires, a singing robot fighting crime with the power of music and happiness, a gaggle of fish-people annoying each other on a scenic beach...for example). I'm a huge nerd obsessed with anime and manga, music, vocal synths and video games. I have a liking for cute-creepy stuff, horror and enjoy anything related to the supernatural. I'm really passionate about my interests to the point it's honestly really embarrassing. I'm shy and struggle to talk to people but I do my best if you're friendly. I have mental illnesses but I am working on them. I'm constantly sleepy.

So yeah! That's a bit about me. I don't think I'm that interesting but I appreciate you coming here anyway. Oh? You wanna hear more?

Here's some of my favorites!

Favorite color? Brown, purple, cream, yellow, and turquoise
Favorite animal? Cats, wolves, octopi
Favorite food? Tuna sushi/sashimi, cake, pasta
Favorite drink? Coffee (predictably), sweet iced tea, boba tea, cola
Favorite holiday/season? Autumn and Halloween!
Favorite music genre? J-pop, EDM, electro swing, rap, rock, I kinda listen to everything lol
Favorite fashion? It shifts depending on the day, but I've been really into lolita and girly kei fashion lately :> I really like retro girly in particular! I have been told I dress very "dark academia" style as well
Favorite mascot character? I'm a big fan of Rilakkuma :> I also like Chococat

Here are some of the things I'm into!

Favorite Anime: Anything by Hiroyuki Imaishi/Studio Trigger (Kill la Kill, Space Patrol Luluco, BNA, Panty and Stocking), Love Live!, Revue Starlight, Yuru Yuri, Pretty Cure, Fate series, Bocchi the Rock!, Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunsou
Favorite Manga: Tsurezure Children, Ijiranaide Nagatoro-san, Azumanga Daioh, Bloom Into You, Maker Unofficial: Hatsune Mix
Favorite Games: Sonic the Hedgehog series, Project SEKAI, BanG Dream!, Pokemon, Undertale, Mario, Touhou, Danganronpa, Epic Mickey, Animal Crossing, Minecraft, Muse Dash, RPG Maker Horror, Persona 5, The IDOLM@STER, D4DJ
Favorite Music (English): Fall Out Boy, Dallon Weekes/IDKHBTFM/The Brobecks, Caravan Palace, Owl City, Ghost Town, Porter Robinson, Madeon, Wallows, Bad Suns
Favorite Music (JP): Mikito-P, FAKE TYPE./TOPHAMHATKYO, HALCALI, Perfume, cosMo, HARDCORE TANO*C, Camellia, kz, sasanomaly/nekobolo, MARETU, syudou, Nanahira, Wasuta, TUYU
Favorite Cartoons: The Powerpuff Girls (1998), Wander Over Yonder, SpongeBob SquarePants, Gravity Falls, Mickey Mouse (I hate Disney the company but you can tear my love for the mouse and his friends from my cold dead hands), Classic Looney Tunes, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, My Life as a Teenage Robot

I'm working on a favorite character page. Look out for it!

Lastly...oh! If you're wondering who the character is plastered around this site, that's my sona Cafeko! She's a cafe owner who speaks to ghosts. A reference sheet + character page will be coming later.

Anyways, that should be it. If you want to see other things about me, check some of the other pages! I hope we can get along.