Shiny Violet Star

Feb 8, 2024

Listening: Show - Ado ft. Giga & Teddyloid
Reading: I forgot the title bluh
Watching: Octavio (Holostars)
Eating: Oreos
Drinking: Root beer
Status: Excitable

Time for my weekly blog post! I'm kinda debating changing the link to this blog to "journal" now because that's kind of what it is at this point. Sorta.

Good news: I actually feel pretty good today!! Even though the rest of the week I kinda felt awful and like lying in bed for days. (I really should get my meds changed. I don't think they're working. Even though I hate changing medicine...) I also went outside! To get dinner, really, but it was nice. Sometimes I feel like I forget what the outside world looks like.

Again, nothing that exciting has been happening in my personal life- however, I did join a big project where I have to make a few art pieces (can't disclose it, but I'll probably link to it when it's finished). I haven't joined big art collabs or anything in at least two years after I kinda dropped the ball on one, but I think I learned from it, so I went, hey, what the hell. I'm a little excited for it. Yesterday I was using up all my braincells to come up with good ideas for what to do. It felt kinda good!

I was also excited yesterday for the Muse Dash Kagamine update!! It was super cute, I love all the small details like the note enemies wearing Rin's bow, the little dialogue lines, everything. I love Rin and Len so much its unreal. And their designs and animations are so hecking adorable, I just akashdkfndjk. My only disappointment is that I wish the song package that came with their inclusion had a Wonderful Opportunity song or two, like Rimokon. I actually think they'd be a blast to play on MD. But aw well. Muse Dash likes re-collabing and such so maybe there'll be more Vocaloid songs in the future? That'd be nice. :>

I think that's it for now? Oh right- I also think I'll be taking a bit of a break from coding for a little bit, since admittedly figuring out this whole "multiple modals on one page" deal hasn't been going very well. I might see if anyone can give me some advice because I'd really like to complete my shrines. I also was intending on making a fanlisting, but it looks like without being a supporter on Neocities I can't upload the files for it. Welp.

Wish me luck for the coming week!