Shiny Violet Star

Feb 2, 2024

Listening: Nothing
Reading: Menhera-chan
Watching: Octavio (Holostars)
Eating: Rice
Drinking: Pepsi/water
Status: Melancholic/tired

It's time for my weekly blog post!

I'm noticing that I end up making a new blog post at least once a week so I'm trying to keep it up a little. It's February! I successfully managed to change the homepage theme, and this time, I added a banner I drew myself! Pretty good, right? I actually intended to make a banner for January as well, but I didn't make the dimensions correctly and it was too big - I didn't wanna redraw it or resize it, so I just kept the placeholder for the rest of the month. The character featured for January was supposed to be Cafeko, by the way.

I was making a bit of a joke last time, about how I tend to work on my website when I feel bad, but to tell the truth, coding is a little therapeutic when I'm feeling depressed. I guess it's like, as I learn more it feels a little rewarding? Last time I felt bad, a few days ago, I worked really hard on figuring out how to code modals with javascript, and I managed to make one work. I still need to learn how to best make multiple modals on one page so I can finally finish my Vocaloid shrine page, but to be able to make one is an accomplishment right? I'm not so useless!

I'm in a somewhat better mood today, even though I still spent a lot of it sleeping...but yknow, baby steps and such, I guess. I actually don't have as much to say today - just been doing my best to get through each day, the works. I wish I had better things to talk about, but I haven't been going out as much. I'm hoping my life situation changes soon.