Shiny Violet Star

Nov 30, 2023

Listening: Kyukurarin - Iyowa ft. KAFU
Reading: Tomorrow, I'll Be Someone's Girlfriend
Watching: Bittersweet Gamers playthroughs
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Dr. peppet
Status: Exhausted

I'm noticing that a recent trend is that if I feel like crap, my brain's like "go update your website" lmao lmao lmao

Anyways, just checking in for a little bit. I made a bunch of updates to the site and I hope you enjoy them. I'm thinking about what I might wanna do is tackle my Review page first since it's actually gonna be easier to code than my shrines and stuff (although, my Vocaloid shrine is in the works. I just gotta see if I can figure out a javascript thingie). I'm not the best webmaster on the planet but darn if I ain't doing my best to make this place look nice enough. Kinda.

Not much has happened lately, to be frank, or at least nothing worth talking about at length lest I be tempted back into the pits of despair again. (Why'd I write that like that? Like frick, just say you don't wanna talk about it.) Anyway, I've been focusing my energy on entertaining the absolute vtuber brainrot that's taken over me over the course of the past few weeks, mostly Octavio like I mentioned since it looks like Bettel's off this week. (I hope he's alright.) I've been very busy in the fan discord servers, which is a real first for me to be so damn active in because usually fan servers freak me out?? But I guess since I was kinda there from the beginning (another first) it's a bit easier to fit in. Or whatever. Anyway, I made some more fanart, which is accessible in the Gallery.

Idk, man...I feel like I've been going hecking crazy lately. So anxious all the time for barely any reason (I know I need to lay off the caffeine, but even during the days I don't drink it at all). And when I'm not keyed-up I'm tired. Like right now. Maybe I need to go outside. (Oh wait. It's gonna rain this weekend. Frick.)

Is there anything else?? OH RIGHT my birthday is next week. What am I going to do for it? No idea at all. Somehow I'm kinda looking forward to it a little bit this year, even though I feel like maybe I shouldn't. But then again, any birthday where I'm not stuck with COVID in the hospital like on my twenty-second birthday should probably be counted as decent at the very least. Positivity!

Sorry. I don't even know what I'm talking about. See everyone next week. Maybe.