Shiny Violet Star

Dec 7, 2023

Listening: Hatsune Miku
Reading: trying to find something new TvT
Watching: video essays
Eating: pizza
Drinking: dr. pepper
Status: anxious/listless

aaaa am I blogging right. I really don't know what to put here but I guess this is good enough

Today my mom got a free gift card and told me I could have it, so I decided to order something off my Steam library since I've been really bored...I decided to get a VN because I've always wanted to play one that's not the more mainstream ones like Danganronpa, Persona, etc. I've been really into yuri and such lately, so I got the first entry in the Flowers series.

I've only played the first hour so far, but I'm liking it. The artwork is really pretty and it has a lovely piano soundtrack going on. Cute characters, too - Mayuri seems really cool, and the braided girl, Rikka, her seriousness makes me think of Dia from Love Live. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes. I might write a full review for my Review tab! ...When I code it. I have so many things I'm working on with this site.

What else...everyone is posting their art summaries and such now that the year is almost over, but I feel a little bad because I feel like don't have enough to put in one. I did draw a lot during certain months like August, but I would go for long stretches without drawing anything better than doodles...I love to draw, obviously, but I've been so tired this year. This has been bugging me especially on vtubertwt, everyone showing off the shitton of art they made of their oshis while I'm over here with my three finished pictures. X'D Maybe I should just try harder next year...but I dunno.

Lastly, in terms of the site, I'm thinking the next thing I want to work on other than some of the extra pages attached to the about page is getting started on my shrine pages. I really want to make a Vocaloid one, but I'm still wondering if I should make a dedicated one to Miku or not. I want to make one for Rin and Len for sure, though! I've been trying to get inspiration from other sites and whatnot to get some ideas of how I want it formatted. Maybe I can get it done before their birthday this month? That'd be nice.

Sorry for the weird posting, a lot of stuff has been getting me so down lately...I've had some real low moments this week that I'm still trying to dig myself out of. Just feeling terribly uncertain about the future, you know? If there is one for me. I dunno. I'm doing my best.