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Hello! My name is Gatari and welcome to my little corner of the internet. After seeing the frankly deplorable state of social media and art-sharing websites, I decided, screw it, I'll just do it myself. So, this website is for me to post about my interests, post my artwork, babble on into the void about whatever is on my mind and to use as a hub base for my original content. And maybe other stuff!

I hope your stay here in enjoyable. This site will be in a constant state of WIP, so sorry for any broken things, I'm doing the best I can (I am terrible at coding and it takes me forever). Thank you for visiting my little haunted coffeeshop!

* Please note that this website may contain language, inappropriate or adult topics, and discussion of mental health. Please tread carefully.

Site Updates

  • 6.13.24 - Doodle Log added to the gallery!
  • 6.2.24 - summer theme change!
  • 5.14.24 - Cafeko page added to about! Gallery page reformatted + commission info and gallery added!
  • 5.9.24 - new guestbook page! please check out the new link!
  • 4.11.24 - shrine directory and Kagamine Rin/Len shrine added!
  • 4.9.24 - springtime theme change!
  • 1.31.24 - new banner + valentines theme change!
  • 1.20.24 - status bar added to the home page!
  • 1.19.24 - Links and quiz results pages added! + New blog post!
  • 1.17.24 - Graphics page added!
  • 1.15.24 - New gallery artwork!
  • 12.4.23 - Credits page added!
  • 12.3.23 - Gallery page added!
  • 11.30.23 - Blog open!
  • 11.30.23 - About page remade and accessible!
  • 11.29.23 - Site css remade!

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